Frequently Asked Questions

Brothers All Natural Fruit Crisps are 100% real fruit, peeled, sliced and gently freeze-dried into a light, flavorful chip-like “crisp” – all made with no additives or preservatives. Fruit Crisps contain zero grams of fat and sodium plus only 30-80 calories per serving (depending upon the fruit).

Brothers All Natural Fruit Crisps are 100% all natural fruit. As a freeze-dried product, they provide the natural goodness of fruit with greater shelf-stability and without any preservatives or fats used in most dried fruits in the marketplace. Plus, freeze-dried fruit retains virtually all of the nutrition of the fresh fruit, including the natural enzymes.

The process of freeze-drying removes virtually all the water from foods while the basic cell structure and nutrient composition remain largely unchanged. Freeze-drying allows foods to be stored at room temperature for one year or longer. It also causes less damage to foods, such as shrinkage or toughening, than other dehydration methods which use heat. Flavors and smells also remain generally unchanged. Brothers All Natural freeze-dries to lock in the natural goodness of fruit while making eating fruit easier and mess-free. Plus, freeze-dried fruit retains virtually all of the nutrition of the fresh fruit, including the natural enzymes.

Just as healthy as raw fruit, freeze-dried fruit has all the same vitamins, minerals and fibre!

Freeze drying simply extends the shelf life of fresh fruit by at least two years, without the need for preservatives and chemicals. It also makes fruit light, giving it a fun texture and making it easy to transport. Babies and toddlers love the light, crisp texture and moms love that these healthy snacks are much less likely to make a mess!

With two servings of fruit and the same nutritional benefits of fresh fruit, Brothers All Natural Fruit Crisps make the perfect snack for the whole family. Each pouch contains:

  • Fuji Apple Fruit Crisps: 1 1/2 Fuji apples
  • Asian Pear Fruit Crisps: 1 1/2 Asian pears.
  • Strawberry & Banana Fruit Crisps: 1 banana and 4 strawberries.


Brothers All Natural Fruit crisps are also a convenient, wholesome, classroom approved snack. Not only are they a lot of fun but they also keep little fingers clean and dry.

We’re confident that everyone in your family will love our tasty fruit crisps—grown-ups and kids alike! Made in a nut free environment and free of gluten, added sugars and preservatives, almost anyone can enjoy them.

Not sure if you’re little one is ready for our Fruit Crisps? He or she may be ready if he or she:

  • Crawls with his or her tummy off the floor
  • Pulls him or herself to a standing position 
  • Uses his or her jaw to mash lumpier food
  • Uses his or her fingers to self-feed


Brothers All Natural Fruit Crisps should only be given to children who are familiar with eating solid foods. Children should be seated and supervised while eating.

Available at Walmart, Real Canadian Superstore, Atlantic Superstore, Loblaws, Your Independent Grocer, Zehrs, Provigo, Maxi, Fortinos, and Extra Foods