Brothers All Natural

Freeze-Dried Fruit Crisps

With two servings of fruit in every pouch, our healthy snacks are made with 100% real peeled and sliced fruit.

Cleanest Ingredient List Ever.

Each pouch of Brothers All Natural Fruit Crisps contains 100% ripe, delicious fruit. No additives, no sugar, no preservatives.

Fun, Delicious Snacks for Little Ones.

Kids will love the delicious taste of our fruit crisps. They’re the perfect size for little fingers and have a light texture that doesn’t leave a mess. For a fun twist, top your child’s favourite cereal, smoothies, or yogurt with these naturally delicious fruit crisps.


Conveniently packaged, Brothers All Natural Fruit Crisps make the ideal snack for busy families. Make sure your little ones are getting enough fruit without the mess of peeling and slicing. Pop them in a school lunch or pack them as a tasty snack for a weekend outing.

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